Wear leopard print a little louder

Layer on leopard in the same look following two simple style rules when wearing an outfit with two pieces in the same print.

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. In short, I may be a beginner at some things but I have a black belt in shopping and styling the latest trends like wearing leopard print a little louder. Due to my level of talent and passion for clothes, creativity, and ability to find a promo code for everything I want to buy…I created an e-commerce boutique selling my own brand.

The first collection called Faux Leather Forever combined my inner biker chick (I have shot several national ad campaigns for Harley-Davidson, reported in motorsports for over a decade, and got a dirt bike as “my first car”), past life as a badass snowmobile racer, and athleticism, with my love for style. Who knew leather could be so ladylike. Well, I did. For this reason it’s all how you style it for everyday wear. The spring collection just launched with new faux leather accessories that require the street but not a motorcycle to wear it.

Ladylike leather

The baseball cap is a wardrobe staple for the modern day woman whether she hits the gym, the grocery store, or participates on game day. Give the girl the right hat and she will leave the house even on a bad hair day. But in today’s world of influencers, don’t be a walking billboard in the Adidas cotton cap. There is a difference between sporty and style in the baseball cap category – and few things combine the two.

Faux leather can handle sweat and up your style game. Whether you wear a hat to keep hair out of your face during a workout, or accessorize with a hat to complete your outfit, you need a chic leopard print baseball cap in your wardrobe. Leather is a luxury, and an expensive one, but cruelty free for the street is key.

Few pieces complete an outfit. The leather baseball cap is the new leather jacket. If a ball cap could walk the runway, throw out the first pitch, sweat through spin class, and look good at brunch with your besties, it would be this one.

Go wild when you wear it

The runways were a zoo last spring, and since I am always late [a season behind] I want to show you how to wear leopard print like a pro now that the trend has stuck around. Colored leather is trending for spring including prints like leopard and snake. To clarify, the pieces look like you can only wear them in Paris and you will most likely not find them practical – or affordable. On the other hand, get the same leopard print baseball cap that I am wearing and $1 from your purchase is donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Layer on leopard in the same look following two simple style rules when wearing an outfit with two pieces in the same print. The key to mixing prints of the same animal is to create a contrast in different size and fabric if they have the same color. For instance, in this look the leopard print cardigan is cotton with big spots and the leopard print baseball cap is in a faux leather treatment with small spots. The combo is chaotic yet classic. The prints don’t clash because the colors are monochromatic!

No animals were harmed in the making of this outfit. Welcome to the jungle, fashion rockstar. It’s a fun, stylish game.

Photography credit: @arayaphotography Phoenix

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