How to wear a bustier and a basic white tee with jeans

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. It’s time we sex up the basic white tee with a bustier. Layering with lingerie is rebelliously appealing, against the rules and not just celebrity style. Guess what? Victoria doesn’t have a secret after all…

So let’s dare to bare it. Not only is a basic white t-shirt a wardrobe essential, the bra is, too. It’s the first thing we put on and the first thing we want to take off. You probably have just as many bras as you do t-shirts…made you look!

C’est Bra Vie

Putting on a bra is just, you know, “that’s life”. As women, we accept the bra as an everyday essential like a cup of coffee and a pair of jeans. We don’t hide our mood, baggage, recent purchase, or a new haircut, so why hide the beautiful bra? A fifty plus dollar garment constructed with beautiful lace, satin, or both, should be shared. Let this bustier bra top outfit show you how to stop wearing it under and wear it over. It’s time we get the corset out of the sheets and into the streets. 

Renaissance love affair 

I have a fervor for fashion history and how people have changed the way rules and laws of clothing. The cool thing is, the corset was also for men.  So don’t be afraid to break out the bustier for a brunch worthy-outfit (last night’s escapade just might be your outfit inspiration). Wear lingerie casually, quit your job, go to work with a hangover, pole dance for your health…maybe this is on the skirt of becoming a bestselling satire…but you have my permission to get intimate. 

Lingerie and today  

Not only will this bustier outfit change your perspective of the bra, it’s sure to flatter your figure. There is an interchanging of the unmentionables and as a fashion journalist let me put the bustier definition straight: a corset cinches in the waist whereas a bustier gives support to the girls, and there is no wrong way to wear negligee. Wear either one over a t-shirt, long sleeve tee or a blouse with high rise denim jeans for a look that’s long and lean. 

Lingerie has changed just like other fashion trends but wearing it as outwear is nothing new.

The casual crop is not a corset   

Lingerie as an outerwear trend might be too risqué (and definitely not appropriate) for the office but it’s perfect for adding a little sugar and spice to your street style. Provocative, I think not.  

Thanks for the support, pun intended.

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