Make a statement in overalls with a graphic tee and all the accessories

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Overalls are making a comeback and you can easily make this trend your own – but leave the basic white tee at home! Summer, hot weather, humidity…it all has you wanting to reach for a bikini. But to hear the words “cute outfit” is any girl’s dream coming out of quarantine. (This literally made my trip just now to Victoria’s Secret totally worth getting ready for today so I wanted to share my look.) Layering, stacking and mismatching has made minimalism almost a thing of the past. And my personal style is the complete opposite – I need color, contrast and I love a little clash! There is a fun challenge in adding something unique to my OOTD. The latest trends have allowed us to break the rules and in that, I fit right in.

Combat me with that childhood feeling

Overalls have that childhood nostalgia. And so do Doc Martens. The combo when worn together gives off a youthful vibe. I had to dig a little far back in my closet to find the camo shortall that I bought from Forever 21 years ago (ok, I actually might have been 21), and I just can’t part with them. It has been worth keeping them…even if I only wear them every once in awhile, and, today was one of those days! (Ok, I recently moved and the next task up in here, besides getting ready everyday from here on out, is to organize my closet to make it easier to see what I actually have buried in there.) The look can be somewhat boyish so I added a feminine touch with a graphic tee that’s all about me! Watch out world, this fiery redhead just became fierce, strong and even more stylish.

Another throwback style piece that has been speaking to my younger self, is the combat boot trend that seems to be here to stay. Shop the links below if you don’t have Doc Martens. (My next pair will be in white and the Chelsea boot style has also caught my eye.) They go with just about everything lately – from dresses to skirts – and are not just for winter wear. I’m in desperate need of a pedicure or at least some toe nail polish…so I opt for boots often.

Complement the colors to complete the outfit

A mask is not the only key accessory (even though it looks like it) to complete an outfit in 2020. Layering necklaces and bracelets, and laying on the rings has mask-imalism written all over it. (I crack myself up. See what I did there?) Bottomline don’t wait until cold season (ok, my Coronavrius jokes are really bad) to layer! Pick one and pack it on. I chose to stack bracelets with this outfit since the bandana was pulling double-duty as a necklace and mask, and added a much needed pop of color. The colors all complement each other up to my eyeshadow. I linked the palette below, too!

Hopefully this band tee outfit inspires you to layer it on all summer long. If you didn’t have time to do some spring cleaning (I’m sure you do now if you didn’t before) so reach (hopefully digging isn’t required) into your closet because we are not over the overall trends. And there’s a lot of them. (Pun intended.)

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