Style sweatpants like a supermodel in three steps

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Here is a three step guide to styling sweatpants like a supermodel. Celebrities in sweatpants make a statement from grabbing a morning coffee in comfort to running errands with minimal effort. The best part is, the hottest trend is under $20. (As long as your nearest Wal-Mart isn’t sold out!)

Shop online for sweatpants

You won’t score light grey sweatpants in store. Spend a little more on a quality pair of sweatpants that are designed for a feminine figure and you’ll have a more flattering fit than this. Supermodels like Kendall, and celebs like JLo, probably can get away with wearing unisex…but I am not tall or curvy. Even Hanes doesn’t offer jogger sweatpants “her way”. And searching for a classic like Champion sweatpants is not my style being 30 and born in the 80s – I’ll leave that to the “nineties baby”.

Reformation is a brand with a minimalist and effortless vibe that combines sustainability and size for a feel-good-fit. This is the perfect pair of sweats with a mid rise for use as a wardrobe staple for “stay at home season”. A modern woman needs a jogger with real pockets and a waistband, .and no branding. Let me save you some time shopping. Some sweats on Amazon don’t even have pockets.

Nike Air Force is the #1 white sneaker of celebrities

You’ve seen loungewear styled with a blazer to sweatpants standing out as a style staple with sunglasses or a sweater. But don’t forget to start at the bottom (now we’re here LOL!) with the right shoes. This is how to keep it sleek and chic. You won’t find me on the court but you’ll find me looking fly in my Air Force 1s. Pick the right kicks, it can be Fila or Adidas, and lace up for step three – signature shape in some funky shapes.

Add shape with sunglasses

Consider this outfit Vogue worthy (casually inserts product placed for the new tee in the redhead collection in my shop) with black sunglasses and a chain necklace to pair with a white graphic tee. For once, minimal accessories (pun intended) complete an outfit. Geometric sunglasses keep it casual and cool. Sip your coffee in shapely shades for when the paparazzi snap a pic of you on the street casually waiting for your car.

Thanks Araya Photography for putting up with me but this one was really for you and your love of sweatpants.

vogue supermodel

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