Three fall fashion colors you need to style outfits

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. To make your wardrobe transition to another season you need to dig through your closet and get creative with color. With the latest trending fashion color palette, you probably already have fashion forward outfits just waiting to be worn! Stand out now with minimal effort by using these three staples to style fall outfits.


Powder blue is the latest trending wash in denim so your summer staple will transition to another season! Yes, shorts! In cold weather! Call me crazy, but every fall I wait an extra month (or two) before they go in the drawer. Wearing shorts with a sweater is an unexpected way to style a fall outfit. Last season’s fall outfits with shorts blog is still trending to this day.

Fashion is becoming “seasonless” but this does not mean that you can go cheeky in the cold. The Levi’s Original 501 shorts have a longer length and timeless fit. Front tuck an oversized shirt or sweater to define your waist. If you don’t want to say goodbye to summer, or you live in the South, the next two pieces that you can wear with shorts are necessties.

Sweater Weather

Sweaters, boots, and jackets are cold weather essentials season after season. We see the changes to the silhouettes and new shades and think we have to go shopping…when we really just need a styling lesson! Every fall look to deep greens and the leaves for outfit inspiration. A dark sweater can pull double-duty in autumn and winter…like this forest green shade can be worn for Christmas! Deep cooling, blue-green exudes self-assurance and poise just like the ultramarine green Pantone swatch says.

A chenille sweater is never off-duty with it’s slightly oversized look and super soft feel. The v-neck adds dimension to break up the other two boxy shapes by showing just a little touch of skin. Avoid novelty sweaters and pull over rich colors similar to what you see outside.

Tall boots

Strappy sandals and booties with square toes are current fall shoe trends. However, tall boots are a style staple season after season. Pair your lightest wash denim shorts like a pro with warm, dark layers and tall boots. You’ll not only have coverage in the cold, but you’ll be instant “outfit inspo” anywhere you go. Simple outfits go next level with a novelty boot. While brown has been picking up in popularity as a trendy color, sleet as a timeless grey pops in the fall palette. These boots in this outfit substitute for a blazer.

This outfit pulls from the fashion color trend report for autumn/winter 2020/2021. The most important color trends are probably already in your closet. Don’t overlook the power of classic neutrals. Warm up in shorts with a sweater. Lace-up your legs with over the knee boots. Add your personality and make it functional. Radiant autumn shades pop this season.

Araya Photography found this brick wall background to prove these colors aren’t gone tomorrow but here to stay.

thigh high boots

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