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Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Do you have these three key pieces? The blazer, biker short, and shoe of the season take workwear outfits to wearing out – like it’s your job just to be stylish. Seasonless fashion combines the biggest street style trends of 2020 with pieces from the past that will take your outfits through seasons to come. Trust me, these essential items will cycle through your closet and keep you scrolling.

Boyish blazer 2.0 and I’m not talking crop

Plaid is no long synonymous with fall, or the blazer. It was hard but I waited [a year] to get on the blazer trend and it wasn’t the latest trending crop length that made me hit checkout. I’ve been shopping for months with the hopes to find a boyish blazer that is perfectly oversized but not too large, and not traditional tartan. (Minimalist is just not my vibe and I don’t wear a lot of brown.) And in my book, a layering piece should make a serious statement!

A colorful jacket will brighten up any outfit. Plus, the versatility of a pop of color in your wardrobe can be worn in endless ways. I wanted a structured suit with sporty styling potential. Double breasted. Not single. I am “anti” 9-5 and big corp. so power suiting also is “not my vibe” so that’s another reason I debated. But a blazer is the completer piece you need to wear now to take your outfit to wow. The truth is, you won’t regret splurging on a blazer in a bold hue. Now that is business casual and a major confidence boost. Plaid is a thing of the past.

Wear biker shorts like a boss for three seasons

Being an 80s baby, I love biker shorts! Just so you know that I have “street cred” to wear the trend – athleisure has been my jam since middle school. I owned like every Adidas windbreaker set from 1995 to 2005. And I’ve always loved heels with track pants. So Hailey Bieber may do sporty style better, but I did it first! (And I’m older.) But to get the “celebrity style”, stay chic but get colorful. Continue reading…

Bike short outfits styled with heels has a tailored, age appropriate vibe but don’t forget how black basic makes a statement! And this is just one reason you’ll want to give bike shorts a try! Dress longer length shorts up, and skip combat boots, if you’re worried about looking like a teenager in the trend. The latest trending minimalist colors have certainly caught my eye…reason number two. For number three, you’ll look skinny.

Modern day Mary Janes

I’m having a Carrie Bradshaw moment since seeing the latest must-have shoe trend. Mary Janes are the shoe of the season and no, it’s not an urban myth. The Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes from that scene in Sex in the City are linked below (and this shoe addict has them on her dream shoe list) along with plenty of affordable, great styles. If you’re a woman who loves a good shoe, get shopping. I’ve been creating my very own Vogue shoe closet and this pair of Mary Jane pumps is in it. You can wear them with everything…I’m literally wearing them with biker shorts and a blazer.

It’s all fun and gams but Araya Photography and I really do mean business.

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