A lesson in sorority style because everyone is wearing the same tennis thing

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Did you know 2020 is the 25th anniversary year of the movie Clueless? From concerts tees to Ivy League, this lesson in school girl style will have you shopping the Instagram uniform that is currently cool. But to wear the preppy pleated skirt and sweatshirt outfit post college grad, the silhouettes must fit. Literally and practically speaking…

The Freshman Fashion Essentials

I am circling back to those college days with my recent move near Arizona State University. (FYI – I literally love this town more than any college I have attend. And I have attended quite a few…keep reading.) However, I’ve not been invited to any parties even though the apartment complex is “young professional”, nor can I figure out how these 20 year olds have more money than I do, nicer cars, and money for booze. And no job. Rent in the Phoenix valley is more than an average mortgage so hopefully the new location will teach me a few things.

Recently though, I went to see a psychic (for the first time ever) and she told me “you’re starting over”. The move “back to college” now makes sense! So I might as well dress the part. Maybe blending in will help my business.

Let’s just say that I lasted one semester at a “big” university. So the only thing that I’m doing big right now is oversized crewneck sweatshirts [and sweatpants]. This also made me just realize that I got through both high school and college (and a marriage) without getting pregnant. Which that could really be my biggest achievement yet. (I’m so bad!)

Pleated skirt style

Since Covid delayed the official start to back-to-school season and everything else in our lives but style, let this fall outfit give you that first day excitement all over again. For a 4.0 you will need an A-line skirt and Air Force 1 sneakers. Even though this faux leather skirt is from Forever 21, I pulled it off at 31. When I play tennis for instance, there tends to be wine (yes, we bring it to the court), so it was safer to choose leather for a more luxurious versus leisure fabrication [knowing where we could end up in this pleated skirt outfit]. It is okay to “cheat’ so you stay chic so look for pleated leather.

Being back at my [lower body] high school size again (side note: Express will make you feel like your high school size again and I’ve never been a numbers girl), hence the move, stress and our pending divorce, I’m down 10 pounds and all about feeling young again. The only thing you need to study now is other what accessories pair well with athleisure.

Headband and hair accessories

Are you clueless about what hair accessories look cute with a school girl skirt? It is the 25th anniversary this year of Clueless so headbands will make it “as if!” you don’t feel ancient hearing that news! (I literally just broke out a calculator and Google to double check the math…and yep, 1995 was indeed 25 years ago.) Skip the scrunchie. Part your hair down the middle and style with a headband as a hair accessory. Cheers to growing into a “shallow” and “social” adult like Cher. And don’t forget we are all still working on being rich…

If all you learned is how to wear a tennis skirt with a crewneck sweatshirt in your 30s (and feel 20 again) then you passed this street style course. Collegiate clothes are a classic, and it’s okay to relieve those four years through the university trend. (Or hell, start over like I did.) I went to five colleges. Harvard was not one of them. But C’s get degrees, and I have an A in bringing you reports that are all about style.

Araya Photography and I have learned a lot the past few months. She hates headbands.

harvard college sweatshirt
style a sweatshirt with a pleated skirt
college sweatshirt style
style a sweatshirt with a headband

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