Vogue was right, we can’t live without the oversized shacket

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The shacket has made oversized shirts so on-trend. Did you know a shirt and a jacket is a shacket? That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it! The oversized trend went from tees to jackets, and circled back around combining the two into one. Wearing a shacket like a supermodel is a bigger trend than the Vogue challenge. You won’t see me (or anyone else on Instagram) styling anything else this season. Combine opposite trends to take this oversized outfit from sloppy to chic.

The shacket as a shirt dress

To style a long shirt jacket you first need to pick one. From sherpa to teddy textures, and mint green to typical fall colorways, you need to know how to wear a shacket. I love anything that can double as a dress. Three key reasons for this are: 1. Less laundry. 2. Throw it on with cute shoes and go. 3. Underwear is optional. (And I didn’t even get into talking about must-have longline shirt jackets!) Faux leather does make everything instantly luxe so that ‘s my first [fabric] choice (in everything) if the option is available. A leather dress is often overlooked as a staple in your winter wardrobe but not anymore thanks to this shacket styling idea.

Swap your jacket for a shacket

Layer in a puffer jacket and you’ll look like the Michelin man. Leather pulls double duty in the cold providing extra warmth and protection while being sleek and stylish. Get ready to swap your go-to jacket and layer with a leather shacket. With the oversized fit of a long shirt jacket, the coat can’t keep up with this lightweight transitional trend.

The shacket is an oversized shirt, dress and coat all-in-one. I kept it simple in this shirt jacket outfit to simply show the fit. Kim K has styled the leather shacket oversized with a bra and one button just at the collar. You can button down to the middle and stop for the look of a crop top. Or button just in the middle like a cardigan. Leave it all unbuttoned and layer as a coat to add a surprising sense of lavish to any look. She has proved you can wear a leather topper with a sweat set to trousers, and Ugg boots to lug boots.

Leather shacket look

Winter green is having a mint moment. (I love when a pun works!) If leather wasn’t already luxe enough, Missguided made me hit add to cart with this pop of color so uncommon for leather. As a biker chick, black leather is often the only option. With all eyes on colored leather, trending shades didn’t skip the shacket. I was all about forest green everything (literally look at my nails!) until this new pastel started trending when I was literally picking out polish at the nail salon. Anything mint green will instantly refresh your wardrobe for winter – and transition you right into spring! And like white, the soft shade is surprisingly easy to style.

How to wear a shirt jacket as a dress depends on the color and not the material so there’s no such thing as too much leather. Choose cowboy boots as long as it’s not plaid, and lug boots if it is. If this was a Vogue cover shoot, bigger is always better but work with what you have – I need lug boots so bad! Oversized everything didn’t skip hair accessories. Pull in a bit of Prada with a cushioned headband to grab great headline attention.

Araya Photography should be featured in Vogue just for putting up with me.

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