This outfit proves Ugg is not just a winter – but a wardrobe – essential

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. This style blog should prove Ugg is always in season. I wore shorts and a crop tank in winter just to prove that this pair of boots is worth the money, honey. You don’t need to wear apple bottom jeans with boots with the fur. Or baggy sweatpants. Take slipper boots into the city with these classic pieces.

Comfort is now a cult

Wardrobe essentials are for everyday outfits and everything is linked below if you’re missing something. Today’s style staples include: Oversized plaid shirt. Ribbed knit crop white tank. Distressed light wash denim shorts. Classic Uggs. Trust me, this outfit won’t get the boot. [My puns are getting worse with every blog…I need to get out more.] Right now, the shacket or long shirt jacket, can be layered over just about anything to level up your look. However, don’t be afraid to “dress down”. Not to worry, you won’t look like a lumberjack pairing this plaid piece with Ugg boots because oversized everything is in. And that includes chunky boots, too. No matter your style, Ugg boots prove that street style includes all shoes. Now that will give you something to talk “a boot”.

Everyone is wearing Ugg

Boot that’s not all…but that’s all for puns. (Ok, that one literally just came to me and I laughed out loud so it’s staying in.) Cozy, comfortable and cool, and not just for the cold, you would be surprised to know the brand started in the surfer culture before hitting the street style scene. The shoe is on longer a convenient throw on and go option but an outfit idea. Investing in a pair of Uggs is like a luxury handbag. You’ll wear it with anything.

So how do you pick between Classic Tall and Classic Short? And what about the Mini or the Ultra Mini now in the mix? Slippers with a sole for the outdoors? You will want them all. My day consists of literally living the #Ugglife – it’s like a stay-at-home order swapping from the Classic Tall to the Fluff Yeah. Even if you’re getting dressed up to sit in the living room, there’s no other shoe.

Basic bitch starter pack

Maybe I finally started the “basic bitch starter pack”? I finally own a pair of Ugg boots and I wear them everyday. And with everything. The casual craze is not just for celebrities. Hailey Bieber was featured the Ugg blog so I took that inso to wear a similar outfit. Now get dressed, or get shopping, because its still pumpkin spice latte season. Shop the look if you don’t own a pair yourself.

Araya Photography knows I will do anything for a new pair of boots.

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