The corset trend has put chic on the street

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The corset top is standing out this season as a street style staple. This dressed down corset outfit with leather jogger pants and strappy heels combines punk with vintage for a vibe that’s all about breaking boundaries. You won’t break the bank with this purchase.

A corset in defining the decade

Street style is the rage of this decade. But with sporty and slouchy, is there room for, um, sexy? Street style has been lacking a little structure…and sex appeal with everything a bit sloppy. And if it comes in the shape of a bust lifting, waist enhancing shape, I’ll give you all money. This chic piece that hit the street and the brunch scene even shook the Instagram feed. Opposites do attract in love and fashion. As a modern day woman, you’ll make moves in the classic cami.

Jeans and a white tee is to the 90s what sweatpants and oversized tees are to the 2000s. Then the crop tank had a huge moment as we tried to not gain the Quarantine 15 but showing off our abs (or was to highlight we can live in sweatpants?).

Wear it with anything and everything

There are so many ways to wear the corset. With that said, it might become the most versatile piece in your closet for seasons to come. Balance the boning with structured denim and boots. Take it tomboy with a white t-shirt or oversized button up. Layer with a sheer blouse to keep it scandalous. It was meant be a symbol. And still is to this day. Most wanted for that edgy aesthetic, it’s surprisingly chic.

Lingerie is the new loungewear. The vintage vibe and floral print will pair well with everything. The trending top is defining the decade as a fashion staple and feminine symbol. The décolletage is demanding it’s day. There’s something about satin but a girly soft shape takes the cake. Shop Missguided for high quality styles. From bandeau to bardot, satin to suspender, the corset is defining the decade, and not just your waist.

Revival of romanticism and lovely in leather

Let’s talk about a 500 year later revival without loosing its roots in fashion. Corsets were never hidden. Nor were the breasts that were being held up. And you can find them today in vintage prints, luxe fabrics, from Bardot to bandeau off the shoulder necklines.

It’s safe to say, the corset hasn’t been more popular until now. And even with fashion taking a sporty shift a girl doesn’t need to lose her sex appeal. It wasn’t just Madonna. The corset is just having a modern moment. Rigid. Powerful. Scandalous. And yes, romantic. This outfit is extremely empowering. This look is sexy and seductive, and surprisingly you’re only showing off your shoulders. A complete contradiction. If you’re not sure how to wear a corset, wear it with leather. You will feel dressed up and sexy AF.

Araya Photography told me the runway is the streets.

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