The cardigan has put sexy in streetwear

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The cropped cardigan has filled a sexy and seductive void in streetwear and you need one. Give credit to Chanel for putting the button-down sweater on the scene. From oversized to unbuttoned, the classic knit is breaking style rules. No other trend offers as much versatility while staying true to its history as a chic staple. Swing it over your shoulders like Sandy in Grease. If you’re Clueless, pun intended, think of the costume and go coordinated. Or double up with a basic white tee, for a Mrs. Doubtfire dupe! However you style the preppy piece, the most popular sweater is sticking around for another season.

Go for a Chanel inspired vibe to keep it chic on the street. However, this classic in a crop length is not what your Grandma had in mind.

Structured style with straight leg jeans

The wide leg blue jean plays on the vintage vibe in a rib cage rise while showing a little bit of skin. Structured style means crop tops aren’t just for summer. Thanks to the Chanel collection, houndstooth print is proving business on top can pair with anything on the bottom. Coco knew what she meant when she said, “Fashion is like a revolution – it one enters our lives after it has gone down in the streets”.

Step out in a cropped cardigan

Swap heels for Air Force 1 sneakers to keep it classic like this cardigan outfit. Even though white boots are having a moment in minimalism, sneakers are a street style essential. The off-the-clock kicks complete the look with little effort. Get ready to loosen up the buttons and lace up white sneakers. With this styling tip, you’ll transition any textured knits to spring.

Hats off and headbands on

If you can’t even pull off the bucket hat don’t fret – go CC Filigree. Yes, a matching hat would be a little much and not modern…even though a cloche hat is the Chanel staple. Finish the look with a crossbody and cushioned headband. Keep it chic and easy. If the style icon was alive today, I think she would be impressed at the sophistication this brings to the street. And we skipped the tweed but not the luxury.

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Araya Photography and I show you our day job on the Phoenix streets.

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