Five favorites from this month: January

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The five things to make the favorites list this month cover health, beauty, sex, and of course, style. Whether you’re going with “new year, new me” or “new year, same me”, quitting shopping will bring you very little joy and excitement. It’s time to get off, I mean on, with your badass self. You can scroll now.

Don’t say you don’t need another pair of leggings, because you do

My first pair of Alo leggings won’t be the last. Have you seen the newest drop? If you think you don’t need another pair of leggings, I am hear to shake you until you say, “I do”. The airlift fabric feels like a second-skin, and not like the usual spandex or cotton-like texture of the competitor. They sculpt and smooth. Cellulite? Well it just became silk. Offered in in full-length or 7/8 but with all the coverage. Pun intended. I’m buying more + and a matching bra. Because a set is always so stylish. This season’s trending colors are selling out fast. Add the staples to mix and match for sweat sessions to come.

Too much of a good thing is bad

Did you know you can OD on vitamins? I’m not a doctor, but Dani went to five colleges. There might be a few confessions as you scroll…I threw up once after taking Zinc. And haven’t took it again. (It usually takes me a few times to learn a lesson, but for some reason that took only one.) I also got really sick taking that big-ass packet of women’s vitamins from GNC. Tried to spread them out throughout the day. Six meals exactly. Still felt sick. So like most vitamins, and collagen supplements that don’t actually get absorbed, you’re throwing money in the trash.

I am crazy…about what I put in my body. So to share this really says something. Health equals wealth. The monthly subscription makes taking your vitamins a daily ritual. Pun intended. My hair is growing. The ingredients are traceable. Vegan. Woman-owned. And not full of a bunch of extra shit that will wreak havoc on your body later.

Yes, Dr. Martens baby

Walk through winter in these white boots. The clunky classic combat is back in a Chelsea boot. The first pair was made in the 70s, proving the platform is here to stay. This isn’t your high school Dr. Martens. However, still rock them with a thick sock to avoid rubbing. Style with everything. You’ll love the easier to pull on-and-off style once you stumble home versus the lace-up combat boot that requires you to pull your foot off your body to take them off as you pee your pants in the process. And, they also comes in kids sizes. (As you can tell by the previous sentence, I don’t have children because I would rather look cute and drink.)

Self love starts with solo sex

Love yourself, hunny. The Womanizer is the only sex toy you’ll ever need. Confession: It was not my first sex toy. I wish it would have been. Adulting as it’s perks – our toys are a lot more fun. It’s so disappointing that society is so weird about sex. Make this year the year you talk about it and have more of it! (I’m having the best sex of my life at 35. My 20s have nothing on this. Even after getting married and divorced – I’m good! Good in the head. And better in bed!) Enjoy, fast discreet shipping, and playtime, shopping for sex toys on You don’t need to hide the box when it arrives. I consider sex a workout and a day at the spa – stretch it out, burn calories, and the orgasm will make your skin glow. [This is not an ad and it would be an honor to be the spokesmodel if they ask but for now shop with my affiliate link.]

Oh, and another woman you need in your life is Sex with Emily. (Both girls are personal favorites.)

The spa is expensive, this steamer isn’t

Wrap up your hair and say goodbye to dry, dull skin. The spa is too expensive for a weekly facial, so stay home and steam. Did you know that facial steaming detoxifies the skin, softens, hydrates, releases impurities, and it’s relaxing AF? Bonus, add essential oils in the baskets for more benefits and breathwork.

*All this is my personal opinion which is why I can post what I want. One glass of wine, maybe two, was drank while typing.

**Also why people won’t pay me to advertise. Bad taste is still a taste. Hint, new collection coming soon.

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