Five favorites from this month: February

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The five things to make the favorites list this month cover health, beauty, home decor, and of course, style. I always say I won’t fall in love again, then I see something on instagram.

But spring hasn’t sprung

If you’re not someone who is into bucket hats or berets, then beanies will be your go-to. I saw this pink beanie from Ganni and knew it would be an effortless staple and worth the splurge for seasons to come. The minimalist design (no pom or print) surprisingly comes in trendy colors that work with any winter outfit. There are several reasons why it’s my favorite…besides that its pink. I put it in the washing machine to get makeup off the cuff from my forehead and it didn’t lose shape or stain. This classic fit ribbed beanie is made of recycled wool and surprisingly not itchy.

If chocolate was an eyeshadow

Brown has never been a go-to color for me (in beauty, style, or home decor) but it’s the shade of the season, and better on my lids than my lips! And just like that, I’m wearing the season’s hottest trend under $20. MAC sells single shadows so don’t buy another palette to wear only shade. Plus, the containers can be recycled back to the store for a free lipstick. [Score!]

I’ve had this cocoa cosmetic for several years and felt like it kept staring at me. So I started using it everyday in different ways. Swipe on the shadow solo or blend the muted reddish brown with gold or purple for a little glam. A makeup look with this smoky brown shadow can be worn from day to night. 🍫

Always on the favorites lists

New colors are out in the Nike Air Force 1 but you can’t go wrong with the classic. A white sneaker is the only show that can be worn with anything and all year round. I won’t lie, I had a clean pair in my closet waiting for a sunny winter day to come out of the box. It’s amazing what this sneaker does to your wardrobe. But a dirty shoe just won’t do so add them to the cart already!

Express your shelf

Just like your wardrobe, a wall deserves accessories too, which is why I had to have this bookcase. But hold the books. This shelf will fill your space from the window to the wall. The minimalism design makes it perfect for any home decor style and it’s the one thing your home is missing. It also comes in white, if farmhouse is your thing, but the black is just so chic! I should joke and call CB2 “Crate and Backorder”. It flies off the shelf, pun intended. When I have a bigger space, I hope it’s still in stock because two would look even better than one. It’s so stylish!

It’s ok to be salty

The only time you should be salty is in the bathtub. Add 2 cups with essential oils and start soaking. Part of my self-care routine is at least one salt bath a week with lavender and peppermint oil, or any other creative combination. Besides peace and quiet, and a break from your phone, you’ll enjoy many health benefits from Epsom salt. It’s just what the doctor ordered – especially after a hard HITT workout or a night of too much wine. Rub a dub dub get your ass in the tub.

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