Shein swimsuits for every body

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. I’ve never met a Shein bikini I didn’t like…and that’s coming from someone who spends $100 on just a top. If you want money for drinks and a spray tan…and a plane ticket, choose quantity over quality. Coming from a model who’s done quite a few things in swimwear, and the lack there-of, not all bikinis are created equal. That’s why we have a drawer full of them. I personally get scared to see a $10 set but I have put them to the test. Who can pass up a cute, cheap bikini? Adds 10 to cart. [Pastes coupon code at checkout.]

Y2 ok for coverage

Halter tops are so twenty years ago…kidding! This Shein style pulls double duty if you’re looking for a top that does it all. The higher neckline provides support and coverage for “the girls” – perfect for busty babes – while the cut balances chest to hip proportions creating the look of a smaller waist. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t need to diet to create curves in all the right places.

Big busted or not, if shoulders are your strongest asset, show them off in this bikini top. Trust me, an hourglass body and a halter top go together like a selfie and an Instagram filter. You can’t have one without the other.

Waist not weight management

Let’s talk about your true waist. It’s above your belly button and below your rib cage. The middle of your body. It’s all about your waist and nothing about your weight.

A 15 year old can wear a low rise. A 50 year old cannot. But both can wear a high rise. Love it or hate it, this is the perfect fit for every body. Pun intended. Need more coverage? Higher waist. Feeling bloated? High rise bottoms will hold everything in. Mom bod? Yes, you can wear a bikini. Hate your wide hips? Don’t have hips? Tall? Wish you taller? Wear a high rise bikini. And don’t get me started what it does for a booty besides #goals. No other bottom can create shape in all the right places, and allow you to eat at the beach. For once, one style does fit all.

Shein strappy sex appeal

Thanks to celebrities, models and style bloggers (like yours truly) bikinis don’t just belong at the beach. Swimwear has finally gone season-less which means it’s fit for the streets. Break the rules and wear a strappy top with blazer, jeans with a one-piece, or layer a bikini with a vest or a dress. Like every great outfit, the pieces pull it all together.

Skip the pool slides and sandals for high heels, sporty sneakers, or bold boots. The key is to look like your going somewhere. Not home to shower. Accessorize with jewelry – gold hoops, body chain, belt bag, pick one cover-up layer – track pants, mini skirt, leather shorts, and handbag – no beach tote. Wearing swimwear with strappy sandals, or wedges, and jewelry will make you instantly feel tall, thin and totally put together. Shop Shein for trending bikinis.

Bardo photo credit out of Minneapolis

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