The Y2K fashion trend to try now

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Y2K fashion trends have brought back baggy pants and fanny packs, and the boxy fits have some selling points. The silhouettes this spring are growing like the grass or all about the cut. (The puns literally just come to me.) Here’s how to wear the biggest spring trend.

Why baggy pants are so slimming

This time we can size up and feel good about it. The baggy pants category includes everything from parachute pants and cargo pants to relaxed, straight leg denim and trousers. (It does not include sweatpants but click here for a previous blog about that.) If you want something to look really long, tall or skinny, make it drape. And just like in home decor, the longer the curtains (or pants in this case) the more stylish the look.

All that extra room allows for a wide range of outfit ideas (and the chance to eat and breathe, and well move comfortably). Which is why baggy pants are a model off-duty style staple. Aren’t too tight of pants a health problem?

Pop colors not pop culture

When fashion gives you lemon, you wear it. Yellow basically has it’s own season every spring. We crave sunshine and summertime so much that the color literally brings us life. (It motivated me to style blog.) Shaded are soft like butter and bold like this oversized button up shirt. I didn’t use much of a neon highlighter in college but something this bright will at least standout in my closet.

Color has brought a whole new meaning to the power suit. Wear business casual from previous seasons with trendy bold colors to break up a monochromatic outfit. You can always add a blazer if you feel like all eyes are on you. I personally would take advantage of the attention. This is no mellow yellow.

The choker is out and the fanny pack is in

If you want to wear yellow without looking like a bumblebee style it with blue. And do not accessorize with a choker. ( Wrong decade!) As a partner in primary colors, the Gucci belt bag was the perfect accessory and a chance to include more from the SS22 color story to pull together the look. (I included Coca Mocha – pants, Harbor Blue – belt bag, and Daffodil – shirt.) If a fanny pack isn’t you thing, cinch in the waist with a belly chain.

Transitional outfits and sporadic weather can cause, even look, a little chaotic. The fun on fashion is in the unexpected. It’s either too big or too small this season. Maybe next I’ll see what I can do to not sex up the next trend in menswear…after all business is the new casual.

Bardo photo credit out of Minneapolis

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