Five favorites from this month: May

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Invest in anything that makes you feel happier and healthy, and hit the gym. The five things to make the favorites list this month include all things bright and boujee. Now more than ever, we need to make mental health a priority and it starts with your morning routine.

But first coffee

If the first thing I put in my body is coffee than it better have health benefits. Latte tell you a secret. You can get coffee shop coffee at home if you ask the barista for the info. Let’s just say the syrup is on the way after I had my first golden latte. With the current gas prices and a $1,000 DeLonghi Dinamica automatic espresso machine staring at me every morning that grinds and smells just like a latte from the local shops, I only have the option to make coffee at home.

Splurge on slides this summer

Rubber sandals have taken over bucket hats as your summer accessory. Cheap slides scream shin splints, and slipping and sliding so say no to foam. (I would like to walk out of summer with all of my teeth and nothing in a cast.) I am Gucci and you won’t see me wearing Crocs.

A street style sandal should be chunky, cushy, and comfortable. From a basic Birkenstock to the bold colors from Balenciaga, I went with black after seeing this throwback. Plus, the studded double G logo at the buckle is so badass. If you see me wearing these sandals with socks this winter, mind your business. Monogrammed is worth the money. Your feet will thank you.

Cable kickbacks but make it cute

Nothing motivates me more than new workout gear. And signing up for another bikini competition so I can get new workout clothes! Since I need to do cable kickbacks in my sleep to build glutes in 9 weeks, this ankle cuff attachment from FITGIRL was needed to perform the exercise. From leopard print to camo, stay fashionably fit with every kick.

Spritz on the sea

I bought a travel spray because I can’t afford a vacation. Reading the description was enough to sell me – didn’t even have to smell it. (I buy everything online and I find it very exciting.) The perfume bottle is blue frosted glass like the crystal color of the ocean on a faraway island. It seems like almost every scent is floral but this is fresh.

It’s always sunny in my living room

This past year has been kinda depressing! I moved from the sunshine state back to snow and cold, and because I didn’t learn the first time, I had to make the mistake again because I didn’t learn moving away the first time. If I am known for one thing it’s my energy. And since my Mom said “blondes can’t wear yellow”, it became my color (and a brand color). Yellow evokes energy, warmth, joy, creativity and happiness. However, it is also unexpected, underestimated and underutilized. All the reasons I needed this colorful accent chair to liven up my home. And my life.

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