Five favorites from this month: June

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Summer officially started! The five things to make the favorites list this month include a little bit of everything since I am on a budget…but I also had to splurge on at least one thing. Thanks Biden for cutting into my fun money.

It’s the cat’s meow

A house is not a home without a cat, and with that cat comes a litter box. As we know ammonia fumes and breathing in dust are health hazards. There might be some truth to the saying “everything causes cancer” and so I have [also] questioned does cat litter cause cancer? The bag of this wheat litter says better for cats, people and the planet, and that all sounds good to me. After using the litter box, those paws walk all over my house and counter tops, and I can attest to low tracking. At 99.5% dust free and 100% natural, biodegradable, and flushable – though I dispose in the trash – this all sounds SWheat to me.

Summer of stripes

I want stripes on my bikini and not straps on my body this summer. There are two Y2K trends that you can wear even if you’re not in your younger 20s but into fashion. Any body type belongs in a bandeau bikini. The style gives your bust a boost and leaves room for layering necklaces without leaving tan lines.

Abstract prints are up next and includes an animal print that’s going into next season. Zebra is anything black and white. The African aesthetic is full of nude shades that can become colorful collabs with plenty of things in your closet. Grab your bucket hat, strappy summer sandals, and go wild! If you’re on the hunt for budget friendly bikinis then shop SHEIN for all the latest trends.

Scent not sweat

Don’t get down on a dirty yoga mat or find time, money, and energy to make your own mat cleaner. This is a must-have if you participate in posture performance. It smells good and is even pet friendly for that kitten yoga class. Spritz after every session to remove bacteria and condition for longevity. Use with your Manduka mat.

I like big cups and I cannot lie

The little blender battle is between the Nutribullet and Ninja. I bought the one with the bigger cup…make that two. Size does matter. (Join the email list for an additional 20% off.) The modern look and fun colors sold me on the Nutribullet. For nutrition to-go, go with the Pro. Like they now say, a 60 second smoothie a day keeps the doctor away.

Booze free summer

Don’t confuse Celsius with a seltzer! I had to do a double take because it looked, and felt, like a White Claw can. This is a science back energy drink. And being a fit chick, the thermogenic properties “bring it” in this caffeinated category. I love the metabolic boost, ginger root, and no reported side effects. Thanks to Amazon, you can always have a case on hand.

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