Five favorites from this month: July

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Add to cart these summer essentials right now! The five things to make the favorites list this month cover a few categories from cats to vitamin c. Before you get on the boat or lay on the beach, let’s talk about how great skin and SPF is always in style.

Time to hydrate

I personally prefer a liquid diet but drinking wine from 9-5 is sadly frowned upon. And moving to Italy is out of the budget so a more affordable option is drinking more water. A gallon of water weighs almost 10 pounds! The bicep workout is free. Besides bulking up, this SMART goal that comes with many health benefits like cleaner skin and currying hangovers. A big water bottle with motivational sayings will help you hydrate all damn day.

Cat money

I had to shop for my cat since he’s been chilling on the pool deck. He’s one cool cat but not to be confused with a stray. This is the best $20 I ever spent. It’s a badass collar but with my claws, pun intended, I am not taking the bell on and off at bedtime. [It’s in the junk drawer.] The chunky chain necklace trend is here to stay – so spend a little money in this category for you and your feline friend.

Stash and store just about anything

Single use plastic bags aren’t dishwasher safe and such a waste. Silicone storage from Stasher is saving you time, money, and the environment. There is a size bag for for everything your saving even soup. The sandwhich size is perfect for prepping summer protein shakes. You can reheat leftovers literally in the oven in the bag and write on them with a dry erase marker. The patented pinch seal is the literally leak free. Did I sell you on them yet? How about woman owned and for the women on-the-go, with 1% of the purchase donated to non-profits. And if the beach is calling, save the oceans with silicone reusable storage bags. Trash stats are a serious problem.

Boats and wide brims

Put down the mesh trucker! Wide brimmed boater and bucket hats are your new BFF. Sun safe hats reduce your risk of skin cancer so you don’t need to “stay the fuck out of the sun”.However, still put on sunscreen because not every style will protect you from the sun. A straw hat with a UPF 50+ rating checks both, the vegan friendly fashion and cruelty free, boxes for closet and skincare routine. Snug fit thanks to the inner elastic band kept it from blowing off my head. If you’re a sunseeker get shopping.

p.s. Faux leather baseball hats provide SPF if badass is more your summer style.

Spritz on the c

Don’t just drink your vitamin C. Your skin is also thirsty! Not to bring up vacation talk again, this is the ticket to a summer time glow. A skincare routine with this step can at least bring you to the right place in pH. Spraying on a hydrating mist will balance dryness, sooth sunburn, and smooth makeup. All in a one-way pump. Pun intended.

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