Five favorites from this month: August

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. It’s not about weather or not summer is coming to an end but what you need for the month ahead! The five things to make the favorites list this month will prepare you for fall.

Wellie weather

Basic bitch season is upon us since Starbucks released the pumpkin spice latte. However, half the nation has a water crisis from heavy rain or heat wave, Ugg! [Pun intended.] With that said, summer isn’t over!

Get ready to go British Vogue thanks to rubber boots and button ups. I have updated Pinterest and $160 later, rain boots are proven to be a street style approved shoe. Hit the gym in Hunter Boots and leggings like Giselle, wear them with an oversized sweater and shorts, blazer and chain purse, dress them up literally, or down in denim and sweatpants, And, yes, they are pumpkin patch perfect match.

Superfoods aren’t just for summer

Fair food has left something on your face. Most likely your diet is changing with the seasons, sunscreen has been used in excess, and too many cocktails consumer. Skincare is so important right now with August coming to an end. It’s time to exfoliate everyday with AHA, BHA and PHA! Youth to the People products are nutrient-rich and backed by science.

Create coffee and cocktails

You can get coffee syrup without all the crap. Speaking of Starbucks, it’s costing you. The sugar filled syrups aren’t making you skinny. It does come in pumpkin pie and gingerbread for a homemade latte. Oh, it’s also for cocktails! Baristas and bartenders use 1883 French made syrups made with cane sugar and pure water. Who knew haute couture and coffee had something in common.

2 in 1 treatment

Note to self: Not getting your hair cut does not make it grow longer. If growth is your hair goals and you suffer from breakage, spend the money on this serum. It’s also a heat protectant in one pump.

Golf is for girls

The beer cart girl gig wasn’t my thing, I would rather golf and drink! Pink everything! A polo might be pushing it, but sporty can be chic. Find me on the course with new Callaway balls and not in the country club.

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