Five favorites from this month: November

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The five things to make the favorites list are booty building, big and with a side of bling. Christmas is coming so add all this to your shopping list.

No whey Whole Foods

Whole Foods doesn’t sell a clean protein powder. Crazy – my thoughts exactly. Don’t believe everything you read unless it’s the ingredient list on a nutrition label. Organic branding is misleading. Guar gum and xanthan gum are additives in the Orgain organic brand, among others like Isopure. This is why I have trust issues. Can a girl just get a clean protein powder? Naked whey protein is the only powder I’ve found with no filler. No gum. No additives. And there’s other supplements that are you guessed it, naked.

City slicker or sleeping bag

There is such a thing as the perfect puffer. It may look like a sleeping bag but that’s what makes it city proof. (Pun intended. My humor is horrible.) A few features make it my favorite. It zips up from the bottom for more leg room when walking. The wrist band has fleece inserts for added warmth. The hood is detachable for a sporty look. My money wasn’t going to Canada Goose because Nike had a better price point for a dupe.

Lube for your lashes

This mascara could not possibly be named anything but better than sex. The formula is slippery. Smooth. Spreading each lash longer without any clumps even with multiple pumps. Puns intended Once you go intense black you’ll never go back. This sounds so dirty but it gets better. It wipes off easily and hasn’t stained a washcloth yet.

Curated chains

The layering look is still in, but one big, chunky chain can do the trick. Mix and match with snake, braided, pave gold necklaces to create your customized look depending on the day. Personally, the masculine metal is effortless for everyday. Put a personalized pendant or dog tag on your Christmas list.

Holiday hair

A white claw clip will be your most worn winter accessory. Trust me. This one from Teleties is light weight and won’t crease your hair. Don’t let the plastic or price present itself as cheap. It has a slightly different shape that’s actually bendable because it’s made from nylon! Which is why I haven’t broken it yet. The style comes in three sizes. All with a curved shape with teeth that won’t scrape your scalp. Holiday hair you come.

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