Nice gifts with a little naughtiness

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Christmas shopping is all joy when presents arrive right on time. So save gas money and shop from home. This gift guide has the perfect gift ideas for him and her, and both of you can share. It’s as simple as that – don’t be a cheap ass.

Gifts ideas for her

If she’s sexy and stylish – then she’s deserving of something splurge-worthy. Pun intended. Louboutins are on her wish list. So is something custom and coffee related. If she’s been nice, well, give her something nicer.

  1. Sexy candles
  2. Ugg boots
  3. Burberry hair knot tie scrunchie
  4. Espresso machine
  5. Personalized gold ring
  6. Silver hoops
  7. Lululemon yoga mat
  8. Pink crossbody handbag
  9. Red bottoms
  10. Gucci tights

If you can’t give her what she wants, she’ll get it somewhere else. Here comes sexy Santa…now it’s his turn.

Gift ideas for him

Shopping for him is easy. Go big. Then home. Every guy needs to fashion sense especially if he’s single. The right shoes can score him a second date. If your dream guy can cook for two and cares about his body, he deserves the tools to make it happen. These are the gifts that keep on coming. Pun intended. See number four. Be his helper and turn him on.

  1. Puffer vest
  2. Ugg boots
  3. Theragun massage gun
  4. Gag gift
  5. Cologne
  6. Traeger grills
  7. Lululemon yoga mat
  8. Game console
  9. Luxury money clip + card holder
  10. Bluetooth speaker

There’s a few gifts that will keep on coming. Or is it giving?

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