Five favorites from this month: February

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Style socks and sandals to tables in home trends on this month’s favorites list. Though styling is fun, brain cognition to beauty cleanser are always of upmost important so add to these to the cart.

Nature isn’t a new trend

One element from the outdoors belongs inside the home to connect us with the earth because being in nature is calming in a world of chaos. Now more than ever, wood and concrete is a whole aesthetic needed in every home.

This coffee table is solid chunk of teak. Even though it’s expensive, the unique look has plenty of space for stacking books and displaying potted plants. If you’re into modern interior design, a wood coffee table compliments any white couch. Interior design pros select pieces like this slice to make a statement. The slice still has room to kick your feet up no matter how you style it. Ground your space but keep it stylish. Save this inspo.

Lift away makeup and lengthen lashes

Oil and water do mix and when it does, it takes off makeup. Rub a few pumps in a circular motion and wash (pun intended) a warm cloth wipe away everything off your face without any waste. Even waterproof mascara.

Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance with this cruelty free cleanser. Neither do clogged pores with the nine ingredient formula. Active antioxidants are plant-based for removing bacteria and buildup. It’s safe for your eyes and I swear it strengthens lashes while increasing eyelash length. No stripping the skin with this spa-style secret in your skincare routine. I’ll never wash with any other cleanser.

Shoe addict storage

Do shows really get recycled or are they stacking up in your closet or entryway? Stackable shoe storage is under $60…well, depending on how many pairs of shoes you have per season. I bought six for all my sneakers and have them stacked in the closet.

Socks and sandals

Effortless is to edgy, as socks is to sandals. Set your next outfit out with opposites that do attract. Socks and sandals are so chic that celebrities like Kendall Jenner style the look as sporty staples without breaking a sweat. Match or contrast chunky shoes with crew socks. Oh Yeezy, these are slides for any season.

Think tea time

To get energy without caffeine you need this elixir. Four Sigmatic magic mushroom mix is clinically made to make you creative with vitamin C for better brain chemistry. Lion’s mane mushrooms won’t make you hallucinate or become heightened. The packet is a powerful powder that dissolve in water. This boost is for your brain fog.

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