I didn’t choose the dog mom life, the dog mom life chose me. I love being a dog mom. Not only does my dog Nokona bring me an extreme amount of joy to my everyday life, but so do other people’s dogs, as well as homeless dogs and shelter dogs. And photos of dogs. And videos of dogs. Clothes about dogs…you get the point.


Being a full-time dog mom is no joke. Especially when you have a Siberian husky and now have an official “foster fail” story which resulted in another dog. I take it very serisouly. However, it needs to start paying because it is expensive. They eat better than most people. Nokona has more dog collars than I do necklaces. She also has two beds and I need a new one. My dog needs to get a job.

And now, I have two! Meet Reese, a.k.a my “King”, he left the shelter with the name King but we found out his real name is Reese so he is my King Size Reese’s! I started calling him my tall, dark and handsome man and just couldn’t give him back to the shelter I volunteer at. So, we are keeping him. Because why not. How can you not keep this face around!?

I have three things that I want you to know about my job as a “dog mom”. First, I really enjoy it. Second, it doesn’t pay. I love dog clothes and anything about loving dogs. So with that said, I partnered with my favorite dog loving clothing company called Farfetched Apparel because they give back to shelters (and the clothes are just so damn cute). So please, go support them and buy yourself something special. Or buy someone else something. Or buy both of you something.

Before you go…please subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch videos from my Dog Mom Vlog series! They also have an conjoined Instagram account @puppy_pit_stop (because I do not need another account to maintain)! We know it will all put a smile on your face.

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