I usually YouTube while drinking wine whether in my home or on a travel adventure where there is the perfect opportunity to travel vlog and drink wine. Cheers! Subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out!

Not only am I a blogger – I am a vlogger too! I am on YouTube so subscribe to my own channel and check it out for some cheap entertainment! Here is what you should know about my YouTube channel. I am Bad to Blonde – Dani on the Daily – and I consider myself a sexy and cute (and super fun and funny) Phoenix blogger and vlogger who blogs and vlogs about wine, travel, fitness, food, fashion, dogs and speed.

My videos are usually cute and silly. Sometimes you’ll learn something, but if you don’t, it’s cheap entertainment.

I try to post a new video  once a week (or after something really cool or an opportunity in my life happens). So subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out when something new is up for you to watch! Pour yourself some wine and enjoy some cheap entertainment.

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