Bad to the Blonde is attitude, style and lifestyle. It's a fashion blog with sex appeal and sass, yet with class and a bit of bad ass.

Hello, it’s me, Dani. The Head Blonde in Charge (HBIC) of Bad to the Blonde. I created this style blog with no intentions of growing it into a blogger brand but here we are. Blogging just didn’t seem badass enough, it need to be a little more relatable to women with sex appeal and sass, so I am here to shake things up. In a world that wants to be blonde, “be bad to the blonde”.

In short, here’s what you need to know about me: I am a wolf a woman. Untamable. Rebel with some class. Dog mom to two and one cat. Professional wine drinker by day or night and after coffee. Style blogger and agency represented commercial model out of Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. I can be a dumb blonde, a smart blonde, but more importantly, I am bad to the blonde.

Born to be wild

Above all, I am a redneck, country girl from a small town in Minnesota. Even more, I love the stars and stripes, and drinking wine and whiskey. Probably on the same day. I like leather over lace. Therefore, I cuss like a sailor and wish I had the guts for a sleeve but I got to keep it “clean” for my job as a model and reporter.  I am a Daddy’s girl and a tomboy. For 10 years I raced snowmobiles and beat the boys. Then I realized it’s a lot more fun to dress like a girl and finally wanted a t-shirt that fit.

Style with street cred

Most noteworthy, I am a stylist, commercial model and spokesmodel, brand ambassador and promo model, motorsports host, reporter and on-camera talent by day, deep into wine and chocolate by night (beer and whiskey on the weekends). In contrast, I am a badass. Years ago I was a professional snowmobile racer and played for a few years on dirt bikes, too. You can see me in Harley-Davidson ads. My reporting resume includes, SEMA, flat track, Snocross, Arenacross, and TORC off-road racing. As a result my obsessions include: adrenaline, adventure, animals, health, fitness, food, things I cannot afford, online shopping and monthly clubs. I currently live in the Valley of the Sun, have fur children named Nokona, Reese and Frankie Roo Meow Meow IV, and I like anything with cheese like mac and cheese. (Midwest girl in me).

If you want to collaborate with me like sending me free wine to drink and review, bikinis to wear, clothing or jewelry to shoot in, dog stuff for Nokona or Reese, dog stuff for me (hehe), etc., please get on it and email me at badtotheblondeblog@gmail.com! Hence, I am a professional promo model and spokesmodel by trade (just a few of many Superwoman traits I possess).


When I started this style blog I had no idea it would become a brand with a clothing line almost three years later. Badass women are a different breed. We aren’t scared to run, we don’t hide, and we have that wild side. The leopard print faux leather baseball cap is a symbol that we can’t be caged and is an original style. Everything has “a little luxe but a lot more edge”. It’s the biker chick in me – faux leather forever.


To see me in real life subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am sure you’ll find some enjoyable, educational and cheap entertainment!

In a world that wants to be blonde, be bad to the blonde.

classic vintage blonde

Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.