Move over neon green for trending tangerine

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Move over neon green for trending tangerine. I’ve been sick and eating a tangelo a day so the citrus color may have inspired my last shopping spree. Since we are on the topic of food, I didn’t want this outfit with orange and black to resemble Chester the Cheetah. I’m not a fan of hot cheetos, or cheetos in general, so I kept the leopard print and white sneakers out of this. (And, it was hard since leopard print is my favorite “color”.)  

Keeping up with the color palette

It’s easier to keep up with trending colors than the Kardashians. Despite fashion not being a one-size-fits-all mentality, color, however, is for everyone. Sometimes the new styles on the racks just don’t appeal to us or [flatter] our bodies – but color will always catch our attention! In third grade we actually learned something for the real world. Consider the color wheel your tool to style. (If we can finger paint than we can create an outfit that is catwalk-worthy!)

Color is also the fastest and easiest way to inject trend into an outfit. Invest in fun, hued pieces that can shuffle through your wardrobe as a compliment to the current core shades. The key is to purchase colors from season to season that look good on you and you’ll wear it again. Leave color forecasting up to the fashion week pros and have fun mixing colorful combinations and different intensities across the swatch spectrum. Clashing is cool so it’s up to you to combine old and new. 

The band tee goes backstage

Bolt up in a bold color and a band tee for an outfit that has rockstar-worthy style without skinny jeans or combat boots. Not to mention, rock n roll music and the lead singers in the bands has heavily influenced the fashion industry so this consider this outfit a colorful tribute (and hopefully grab the right attention to get you backstage to meet the band). The blonde and brunette ACDC inspired band crop tee from Bad to the Blonde is pictured in the crop with raw hem. I squeezed, pun intended, the orange and yellow from the tee, to pop with the coat. Black faux leather cargo pants paired with heels still has that edgy appeal with a little luxe. 

The impact of this tangerine orange trench in particular will add a bolt of lightning, literally, to any outfit. It’s playful texture reminds us of the comfort from our favorite childhood toy. Yet, has supermodel styling for an average woman thanks to the illusion of a longer length adding inches to our inseam. The teddy coat is a modern day woman’s superhero cape – that can be worn with heels. 

Pantone says “orange peel introduces a tasteful tang”

Only one neon green piece made it into my wardrobe last season and that’s because the craze is a great compliment to camo and army green that’s already in my wardrobe. Burnt orange was an even bigger trending hue carrying over from season to season, and I won’t put it away just yet. The deep, matte-like chroma will also work as a compliment this spring with the tasteful tang of the current orange movement. The different intensities will be a perfect pair. (That got me thinking about wine, too, so pull that burgundy out from 2018. Remember, a fad can still be in fashion!)

This year I made myself a promise to find the energy I used to have and to continue spreading my greatest strength [energy] with the world  – and that’s why the bolt design is in my line. Orange is an element of optimism, youth, and creativity. No one can dim my light nor can any other color. Reference that good ol’ color wheel and you’ll see  the shade on the scene has a friendly relationship with yellow, blue and red, and that just the beginning of playing with the spring-summer color palette.  

Orange you glad you don’t need a spray tan?

Photography credit: @arayaphotography Phoenix

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