This fall the bra top trend is giving the blazer some competition

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The bra top trend with straight denim has made wearing lingerie acceptable as outerwear. If you didn’t have the guts to try the hot short trend this past summer, now is your chance to get intimate. Pun intended. For once, the nude bra isn’t just functional – it’s the actual outfit. (And I skipped a crossbody bag for obvious reasons.) This outfit proves that lingerie is no longer saved for special occasions or one of Victoria’s Secrets.

C’est Bra Vie to this summer

Lingerie was only used for special occasions and sexy nights but thanks to the catwalks and the Coronavirus not anymore! The end of this summer deserves a celebration for obvious reasons. If you’re not yet ready to cover up your midriff and put away the crop top, bust out a seamless bra and go sheer in a mesh shirt.

Trending dreamy and creamy colors in the minimalist movement prove that less is more. The thing about tonal shades in loungewear and lingerie, is the ease to transition the outfit from day to night when worn with denim. Think bodysuits and cami tanks, too. With basic silhouettes “the what to wear for fall”, it makes sense that beige is the new aesthetic. I personally don’t wear a lot of brown which is why I love how nude gives off a warm vibe. And wearing neutral hues is a great transition for the beginning of autumn.

It’s still sandal season

From goth to girly, square toe heels are seductive and sexy making the slip-on sandal the perfect compliment to a lingerie look. An important style tip to takeaway is this shapely trending sandal is modern and minimalist, and straight from the bedroom.

There are two styling rules for wearing nude clothing without looking naked. (Or slutty. It’s a fine line. Trust me.) Avoid pairing stark dark or black bottoms with a creamy neutral top – it’s just too much of a contrast. But do choose a dark shoe. The pop of black [shoes] has a rebellious, street style vibe that this outfit needed to stay chic.

Here is the skinny on straight jeans

From chic to sweet, powder blue jeans are the wash you need this fall. The worn in look is timeless like the straight leg fit. Somehow Levi’s constructed the perfect loose jean without being baggy and called it the 501 original skinny jeans. Style tip number two is one part wash and the other part shape to complete the perfect nude outfit.

You’ll rarely see me in denim so if I tell you about this fit you need it! It is on-trend with a high rise and tailored in all the right places. With a straight fit through the hip and thigh to move and a skinny leg to show off your shoes (better yet you can even wear them with knee high boots), you have found the best fall jean. Street style is all about making a shift in your wardrobe with timeless classics. Stretchy is a thing of the past.

Araya Photography and I have provided Levi’s with a new fall ad campaign. Just kidding. This is not a paid advertisement. (We wish. I paid her.)

nude mesh shirt outfit
Levis 501 jeans outfit with heels

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