Style the utility jumpsuit for another season

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Utility continues to trend so here is a way to style a neutral-nude jumpsuit to wear for another season! If you utilize the features just right of the one-piece wardrobe staple it will take you from structured to stylish. It’s fashion week season and unless you’re walking the runways, it’s time to talk spring 2020 because the trends are already a season ahead. 

Paris goes punk

After my first New York Fashion Week experience was comparable to the Fyre Festival, I wanted to redeem myself with this Paris fashion week worthy look since I didn’t get to hit the streets. Somehow I have changed my own oil numerous times and represented an oil company for almost a decade, but a boiler suit is not hanging in my closet. Paris Fashion week is Monday, February 24, 2020 – Tuesday, March 3, and even though it’s for fall and winter 2020, I still had a linen jumpsuit on my shopping list from last season. Good things take time and that’s why I am always late.

Jumpsuit street style certainly turns heads with the right accessories – you need three to be exact – and feminine appeal. I wanted to recreate the look from Lisa Hahnbuck that I found on Pinterest since I am not afraid of a little hard workwear. (See what I did there?) I prefer the term recreating vs copying. If I was copying, I would be broke. When Melania got mocked for her outfit when she met the troops in Iraq in 2018, I ran to my computer to online shop for Timberlands, a corduroy mustard belted jacket and dark green trousers, so I knew I could pull this off, too. 

Utilizing fashion and function  

A boiler suit has a collared neckline and chest pockets. A jumpsuit does not but they both have a looser fit that’s functional for layering and inexpensive. Utilizing the band tee trend (or a tie-dye tee if you already beat me to it), a western belt wrapped just the right way, and sexy stiletto boots, you can walk the walk like a fashion pro. It’s no secret that shoes complete an outfit but don’t underestimate dressing up the basic tee. From chunky boots to Christian Louboutin, take this from outfit from desk to date, and local places to Paris.

Maximalist style with minimal effort 

Jeans are my least favorite piece of clothing because they require a top to go with it. Since shoes are my most favorite thing and I hate wearing underwear, I trend to gravitate toward one-piece utility silhouettes like a jumpsuit, maxi or midi dress, that I can easily throw-on-and-go with minimal effort – searches western belt outfit. The utilitarian mood is as minimalist as my maximalist style is going to get! I am not a thrifter but it’s fun finding new, cost-effective ways to style old pieces. (I like new, not used but that doesn’t mean I don’t shop the sales. The Zara jumpsuit was only $20!)

Thrifting is not on my repertoire but styling is, and I wanted a challenge to “Steal her Style”. Fashion has been said to be the purest form of art and since I can’t draw a stick person and have help at the wine and paint classes, so let me get good at the celebrity look-alike game. I’ve got your attention by adding those extra layers to a utility jumpsuit with a little embellishment like a true maximalist.

This just happens to be my favorite look on the blog so far.

Photography credit: @arayaphotography Phoenix

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