The newest workout onesie is slimming and no bra required

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The workout onesie combines both activewear and loungewear, with a little bit of street style if you style it up with something as simple as slides. If you’re like me, new workout wear is an instant motivator if you need to get back into a routine. You will form a love-hate relationship with the strappy back bodysuit trend. Just when leggings can’t get any sexier, the must-have onesie has hit the scene leaving the 1980 aerobic look in the past.

Less laundry with a workout onesie

Two isn’t always better than one. Most likely your typical workout outfit (or loungewear) is leggings, sports bra, and a tank to layer. That is three pieces of sweaty laundry and if you do hot yoga now you have four with a dripping wet towel, and even if you’re workout consist of the going to the fridge and back – that’s a lot of laundry. Even though I practice hot yoga regularly, I still don’t arrive to the studio in just a sports bra. And, the last thing I am going to do is invert and eat my shirt in the process when I am sweating profusely…I have enough to worry about mid Sirsasana. So feel free knowing you can invert or stretch it out without your shirt riding up in a one-piece. It really doesn’t get any comfier than this body-hugging base layer.

From cardio to cafe in one base layer

Black leggings are no longer the “go to” with modern ankle length bodysuits and minimalist colors trending in activewear. If you were born in the 80s, like myself, there might even be a fun neon pink option that will catch your eye. Minimalist was clearly never my thing but trends are…so it was easy for me to let my hair down and post workout glow shine.

HIIT it, drop and give me zen, or run it out because the bodysuit is versatile and built for performance. My overly long and disproportionate torso length didn’t have a problem squeezing into this one-piece. Surprisingly. Nor did it ride up. Slip on sandals or lace up sneakers. Style with a tank or tie a sweatshirt around your waist. Head to the studio or hit the street. By layering with a tee or accessory you’ll add dimension and contrasting elements to highlight your body while keeping it casual without even trying. You will love the versatility for the ways and types of workouts where you can wear it, but you’ll hate it because as loungewear…you might not want to leave your couch! Tie up your hair into a top knot, Shop the links below and pick up some snacks, too.

Sweat to street style

Thank you Amanda Borden for hiring me to coach at Gold Medal Gymnastics and teaching everyone that walks through the front door that strong is beautiful. As a gymnast, I have happily embraced my shape to being a grown woman (with boobs) and the workout onesie gave me the nostalgia that a leo does…so honor your curves, you’ve earned them (I can’t empathize with you if you were blessed with them!). Just remember, the body has the power to transform your life if you let it! So show it off!

There are so many stylish workout onesies that are sexy and stylish. This fitness shoot with Araya Photography was literally my fourth workout since the stay at home order started months ago…so if I wasn’t doing cartwheels and handstand, and still training as usual – I probably wouldn’t have broken a sweat! I don’t want you think I am lying that this bodysuit is just for looks…the one-piece workout trend is built for performance with style in mind. I literally can’t wait to take this bodysuit to the barre studio.

workout bodysuit

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