Bare it all in a flannel this fall

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. One cute way to wear a flannel shirt when it’s not officially fall is to bare it all. Pair your favorite plaid with a bralette and straight leg jeans and strut into another season. Record temps have me reaching for fall staples that I can wear now but it requires to show some skin.

Laid back and lacey

We’ve been stuck inside all summer laying on the couch in a bra top while our bikinis collect dust. (So much for asking Alexa to “skip to summer”.) Can’t lie though, it’s been nice laying around in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt or a bra…but I’m in need of an outfit change.

I had to stop scrolling Pinterest and change out of my sweatpants to make sure my jeans still fit before I could resume pinning fall outfit ideas. Bra tops and bralettes are this fall’s version of the barrette! The laid back look is extremely versatile and sexy. The bra is your accessory. And, you can pull this look off even if you want to wear a flannel with sweatpants.

Y you should flip your flannel open

The coronavirus has left me lots of time to study celebrity style for outfit inspiration. While the athlesiure trend is a never ending fashion show of oversized shirts and baggy jeans, denim is finally getting a chance to hit the scene as temps start to cool down. I want to wear real clothes, drink a pumpkin spice latte even if it makes me sweat, and just freaking go outside again!!! [I literally screamed that as I typed that in.]

It’s not yet sweater weather so don’t be afraid to flip open your flannel and accessorize with a y-chain necklace to dress up your chest. I chose to wear high rise, straight leg jeans to hid the “quarantine 15”. A skinny jean would be too sexy so choose a looser fit to balance out the look of the bare skin. I don’t own an oversized flannel so unbuttoning a button down will give you the same look. For more coverage just button it up half way or tie it in the front!

Flannel outfit inspiration

Here is the story of a bra and my favorite button up. With a little sex appeal you will brings the eyes from the heels on up and still be in style. There is nothing like the quality of Dixxon flannel.

Araya Photography said let’s skip to another season.

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