The 3-in-1 outfit formula for street style

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Street style is not just a trend but an outfit formula. To wear it you need to combine three trends in one outfit. After studying Hailey Bieber and her stylist Maeve Reilly, and my obsession with how celebrities [in general] look so much better than the rest of us, I feel like I figured out the secret. It’s not that these people are Rhianna, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, or that they have a lot of money for expensive clothes. It’s how the stars of street style have mastered so much going on by following this ratio: 3-in-1 outfit.

Something old is one

Styles that are suddenly “in again” only is a matter of how you wear it, and not when (or where) you wear it. Say that 10x fast! For example: logomania. It started in the 90s and a had a recent revival. However, street style stars from coast to coast skip logo trends for a few reason – not paid to wear it, large branding is distracting, there are other decades besides the 90s. But the trend did prove classics are still wearable decades later…

Fashion started in the 19th century, thank you Paris. Silhouettes featuring strong shoulders and shapely corsets from the Victorian era is very prevalent today. Puff sleeve tops are making a statement like it’s 1980 with the drama being downplayed with a modern day trend. Poofy and without a pattern, the taffeta puff corset blouse (that would be perfect for a bridal shower or engagement party outfit) adds texture and it pairs so well with colored leather. Accessories complete an outfit, but a timeless trend with classic styling is a key part of the equation.

Something new is two

A formula consists of different components: fields, constants, numbers, functions, text or date values, etc. And that translates in fashion lingo to color, texture, fit, shape, decade, region, etc. The colored leather pants in this outfit are a current must-have but not fast fashion because of the luxurious appeal. Camel colored shades are currently the craze but so is everything forest green. Paired with traditional black cowboy boots combines cultures proving that no matter how you wear the leather trend – it’s smooth enough for the street. [I only shop at Express for leather pants.] Coordinate classics from a similar trending category and the mix is surprisingly unexpected – and that sums up street style.

Something borrowed is three

Celebrities have the cash to have a bag in rotation. The average luxury handbag will cost you well over $1,000! But why buy one when you can rent 12 bags a year for the same price? [My Louis Vuitton Venice, a nod to historic Louis Vuitton trunks, was $2,007.87 (not including the matching wallet) f not much less!] Gift yourself with access to designer handbags, jewelry and watches all year long! You can experience one item per month with a retail value under $4,000 with the $99 Classique closet membership plan. After you’ve had a product for a month, you’re eligible to swap it out for something new or continue to use it. If you love it, you can also buy it for a special members-only price. Free express shipping is covered both ways, always! And if you’re a hot mess, all items are covered from theft and damage at the basic level. Join Vivrelle and get a new handbag every month!

Araya Photography took pictures of me as a bride and this top gave us wedding vibes.

topshop bride puff sleeve top
colored leather pants

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